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When did life start on Earth?


A branched alkyl in the interstellar medium

A branched alkyl molecule iso-propyl cyanide (i-C3H7CN), with an abundance 0.4 times is detected, suggesting that branched carbon-chain molecules may be generally abundant in the interstellar medium(ISM).  

Where did oceanic water come from?

Most of the Earth's surface is covered in water, half of which may be older than the Sun itself. According to the ratio D/H in various places throughout the Solar System, heavy water in our ocean didn't arise from the same disk that gave rise to the Sun, but rather traveled here from afar.

Ancient Multicellular Life back to 60 Ma

A Virginia Tech geobiologist with collaborators from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have found evidence in the fossil record that complex multicellularity appeared in living things about 600 million years ago