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Astrobiology Workshop 2015  'Building Habitable Worlds'

25th February hosted by the University of Glasgow
Venue: Glasgow Science Centre



Following on from the hugely successful 'Astrobiology Workshop 2014' held at the University of Edinburgh, this workshop is open to researchers and students at all levels and across a wide diversity of disciplines.

Cross disciplinarity is key in this fast paced and quickly evolving field of astrobiology. Not only biologists, but researchers from physics, geology, engineering, chemistry, palaeontology, and many more - we all have a unique insight to offer, and all are welcomed and encouraged in this intensive one day workshop.

Relevant topics include but are not limited to:

Detection of extrasolar planets

Origin, evolution and diversity of life on Earth

Behaviour of biomolecules under extreme conditions

Planetary system formation and the formation of habitable zones

Interaction of the biosphere with the lithosphere

Atmospheric and geologic biosignatures

Designing the minimal genome

Adaptation of organisms to extreme conditions and the limits of life

Prebiotic and early biotic chemistry

Omics and meta’omics technologies.

Planetary exploration

Participation is actively encouraged from researchers with little prior involvement in Astrobiology events. Key speakers, workshop program, registration and presentation details will be available shortly. Registration is FREE via clicking here - Deadline for registration is the 25th January 2015。 For further details please contact Adrienne Macartney: a.macartney.1@research.gla.ac.uk


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