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Hong Kong Astrobiology Community (HKAC)

The Hong Kong Astrobiology Community (HKAC) is a group made up of both the public and academics that have an interest in astrobiology.

Research aims: To promote interdisciplinary astrobiological research between departments within HKU, to promote collaborative astrobiological research between HKU and other universities and institutes in Hong Kong, to facilitate students pursuing astrobiological research themes for thesis research.

Outreach aims: Teach and stimulate an interest in astrobiological research in Hong Kong.

By joining HKAC you will receive a biannual newsletter and you will have the opportunity to write articles and reviews for the newsletter and this website. You will also receive notifications of events, seminars, HKAC activities and possibilities for becoming involved in astrobiological outreach in Hong Kong. Links to interesting astrobiological articles from HKAC members will also be gratefully received and added to the HKAC facebook and twitter pages.

In order to join HKAC please click the link below or send an email to Dr Norman normanlh@hku.hk with the subject message “Join HKAC”. Please add your full name into the body of the message. The email address you use to send the email will automatically be added to the HKAC list.

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